Welcome to the PFR Accessibility & Digital Inclusion Collective

What is the Accessibility & Digital Inclusion Collective?

We recognise the growing demand for participants with access needs and low digital confidence, which can prove time-consuming and costly. Our answer to this is the Accessibility & Digital Inclusion Collective, recruitment made easy and at a fixed price per participant.

Accessibility Panel

Find out more about the members of our Accessibility Panel, including detailed information about impairments, assistive technology, what types of research they are available to take part in, as well as where they are based around the UK.

Digital Inclusion Panel

Currently under development, our Digital Inclusion Panel will offer access to people around the UK with different degrees of tech-savviness and access to the internet and digital products.   

Want to join the Collective?

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Email us at info@peopleforresearch.co.uk

Call us at 0117 921 008

Suite 302, QC30 Queen Charlotte Street, Bristol BS1 4HJ

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